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The Feelings Behind FEARLESS

This week has been a whirlwind and it’s only half over. On Monday, my first children’s book, FEARLESS, debuted on Amazon as the #1 children’s short story new release! On Tuesday, I booked my first virtual book reading as an author. It’s been the culmination of almost a year’s worth of writing, editing, working with illustrators, marketing, advertising and finally getting it out there to the public. But let’s go back to when I decided to put this book into action. I was a new(ish) mom, consistently trying to find books for my daughter that provide the right combination of empowering messaging and content that doesn’t completely bore the adult reader to death. While there are a plethora of amazing options out there, I realized one day that if I really wanted to impart some wisdom to my daughter, that I’ve actually utilized in my life, I may want to do it myself. I had already begun writing down intentional lessons in a journal, which I wanted my daughter to learn along the way. I set out to put those thoughts to rhyme and see if I could make my daughter something special that would stand the test of time. (Wow, even that sentence rhymed).

The title of the book, FEARLESS, comes from a word used to describe me on a few occasions. Not because I’m not afraid of anything, but because I seem to have a (sometimes reckless) way of ignoring the fears that come along with taking risks, being publicly vulnerable or using my (often loud) voice. And while those traits have sometimes come in handy and sometimes gotten me in (good) trouble, they are ones that I think will serve my daughter, and other kids well. In order for this venture to be completely successful, in my eyes, I needed my work to not only challenge kids to be FEARLESS, but also challenge the actual reader of the book, which is often parents, especially moms. I want women to ask themselves, “Am I using my voice when others are quiet?” “Am I taking a seat at the table,” even if one isn't given to me? My goal is to provide inspiration for readers and listeners of every age. “Raising your hand” can encourage a kid to be brave and offer their thoughts in school. But it can also encourage adults to put themselves out there, “when others might not.” As my first readers receive their orders this week, I will find out if I’ve succeeded. But as my husband reminds me, my daughter already loves the book, so my original goal has been achieved. Thanks to all that have joined me on this journey.


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